The Railway Children Return (cert PG)

16 December 2022

Milborne Port Village Hall, Springfield Road, Milborne Port, DT9 5RE

It's 1944 and World War 2 is raging. Bobbie (Jenny Agutter), one of the original Railway Children but by now a grandmother, welcomes a group of evacuees from Salford to her home in Yorkshire.

One day they encounter a young African American GI (Kenneth Aikens) who, like them, is far away from home, and who is hiding from the authorities.

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The film contains more than enough heart, humour, and spirited performances from its young cast to prove a charming update on the original, while also tackling some interesting themes that will resonate with today's audiences in different ways.
Radio Times

It's an amiable and ingenious tribute to the innocent, good-natured spirit of the original.
The Guardian

Effectively piling nostalgia upon nostalgia upon nostalgia into a triple-layered Victorian sponge of particularly English sweetness, this good-natured, resolutely old-fashioned film will likely make any adults who grew up on Jefferies' original a little misty-eyed.

Tickets will be available for sale from Thursday 1st December, exclusively from Wayne Pullen, Family Butcher of High Street, Milborne Port. Ticket prices have been maintained (£5.00 per person in advance, and £6.00 on the door). As usual, a limited wine and beer bar will be available, and for this season, we are able to accept payment for "on the door" tickets by credit or debit card.

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